Sketchup Fundamentals: Modelling Practice

I’m working my way through the “Sketchup Fundamentals: Modelling Practice” tutorial. Right now, I’m in lesson 4 “Adding the Steps and Slide”; video 4 “Adjusting the Handrails”.

I appear to be having two issues:

  1. When I have just one of the handrails selected, I can pull the handrail down, but I only appear to be getting the lines, not the solid.

  2. When I select the handrails as a component, I get the error message “cannot push/pull smoothed surfaces”.

ALSO: Am I in the right place to be asking these questions or is there a better resource for this?

If the rail is selected and in the edit mode within a box of dotted lines and you push/pull it down, you can take it out of edit by clicking out of the box of dotted lines. Then you can click once on the rail and check in entity information if it is solid. and it should be. The lines that appear on the underside of the rail can be smoothed out by putting the rail in edit and choosing the eraser tool and control or looking on the eyeglasses on the right hand menu and scrolling down to smooth surfaces. If you attach a skp, someone can check it out. Have you made groups and/or components? If it is all loose geometry it will stick together and not be solid.

Thanks. I wasn’t quite able to get there the way you laid it out but you gave me enough info to figure it out. The railing wasn’t solid.

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