Brick Detailing

Too much free time so decided to play around with Bricks… Australian, UK and Vietnam… so set up some dimensionally accurate basic components with mortar beds based on their most common position.

Considered creating a multipurpose dynamic Component but decided simple components would be more intiutive. Anyway, so here is the end result of using them to build a outer brick wall skin with a typical window opening…

Curious how others have approached the task of detailing brickwork balancing ease of use, accuracy and level of .detail.

I have to say I was surprised the common Australian brick is not modular… unlike the UK bricks.

Accordingly to do the soldier course above the window and the sill bricks I had to adjust the mortar width on the perpends to match the bricks above and below… still a relativelly simple task…

otherwise 10mm mortar joints assumed !


AU BRICK WALL.skp (1.7 MB)
EN BRICK WALL.skp (322.0 KB)
VN BRICK WALL.skp (302.1 KB)

PS is there an agreed standard brick dimension in the USA?


Oob layouts extension


Darn, where were you a couple of month ago when I had to do bricks :smiley:

Surfing :slight_smile:

For next time, for curved walls or walls that follow a hilly terrain. :wink:

Well I actually have an “on the side” 3d thing that has been living somewhere deep in a pile of paper on my desk for at least a year. and it involves a circular building made of stones.

and just now, due to bad luck and a driving accident (not me, my student, she’s fine), I appear to find myself quite unemployed for the next week and a half.

who am I kidding, I’ll probably binge netflix instead :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s a bunch of stuff on 3D Warehouse from the International Masonry Institute:

I did glance at this a few years ago … it is impressive software but I had no need for it at that time… just downloaded a trial and see if it was ok for this task… after a play around with it a few items to note…

  1. it creates the infill mortar as a single plane set back from the face, only the blocks are 3d…
  2. it creates only one group and all the faces inside are faces and edges… no components or groups
  3. it hides the reference plane used to define the area… ( personally not a fan of hidden objects within a working file as they can be confusing if not aware of them)
  4. not sure why but it built my brick wall vertically rather than horizontally as expected

so great for large area pattern infill (though a big entity count) but not really useful for construction detailing…

PS you can see a few test attempts to see if I can create a useful Profile Builder 3 assembly

Hi Robert … yes I have downloaded their details before…
they are a great reference source…
although 95% of the world uses metric
and these are imperial :slight_smile:

your prompt reminded me to revistit them and there collection seems to have expanded even more… well worth a look! the materials are great for detailing too!

Easy fix for both points (1., 2.)

Loose geometry to Components

For point 4, it is best to ask the author of the plugin.

The extension is simple and useful for what it does and the possibilities it offers.

All the examples on this page are what we in the UK call stretcher bond. All the bricks are the same length. Of course, there are many other bonds that can be used. The most common alternative to stretcher bond is what we call Flemish bond (stretcher/header/stretcher/header/etc). Whilst that means a lot of brick cutting, it allows a cavity wall to match an old solid wall. And even when you are not trying to match up, Flemish bond is just more satisfying to look at (IMHO). Does any automation all for different bonding?

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  1. not sure why but it built my brick wall vertically rather than horizontally as expected
    If you click on a face, ctrl and an edge, the bricks will run along the selected edge.

I am a dedicated Oob user as I 3d print and model 1/76 railways, this extension is perfect for walls and roofs.
Using it with Trubend, Flowify and Shapebender can’t be beat for ease.
I have even converted some 360 boys, as they have nothing like this.
All buildings and roofs clad with Oob bricks and roof tiles.