Boolean 3d geometry


pls help:
in this simple graph there should be 2 openings but the node “boolean 3d geometry” makes/accepts only 1 box/subtraction

what is wrong?

thank you

The third example at the bottom doesn’t work because the objects are grouped together and not ungrouped. The boolean operation can only handle a single group to boolean against, just like SketchUp. Additionally, if you encounter boolean issues with geometries, both objects must be considered as volumes for the 3D boolean operation to work. If there are stray lines or faces preventing any of the groups from being a volume, you need to clean up and convert the group to a volume before the boolean operation will work and what I’m referring to here is in the event you import geometry into creator. If the object you imported is not a clean 3d volume when it comes to 3d boolean objects, you have to clean it up in sketchup I believe (maybe an option to do so in creator) before you try to boolean it against another object in creator… This applies to SketchUp as well when trying to boolean two groups or components together.

In the initial steps of each of those examples. You can also adjust the size of the openings by assigning number sizes to the boolean objects. Use two number paramaters paired with two smart sizes for each cutter object (what i refer to as cutter objects) “smart size width” and “smart size height” connected to each individual number paramater to control the width and height of one of your cutter objects, do the same for the second and final cutter object and now you can adjust the sizes of both openings individually. I can show you how to do this if you need as well. Once you click on the final node for the working options, you can see the individual sizes of the openings adjust in the parameters menu as you adjust them.

Link to the example

Hi ArayaCAD,

thank you

your Option_1 (collecting of the two openings) seems to be the easiest way how to do it.
yes in SU you also need to be “in context” of the group to make the openings…


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Hi! The reason you are seeing this is because the 3d boolean node operates on a “per connection” basis (similar to the align node). Whereby the geometry of the first connection is acted upon by the geometry in the second connection. Any further geometry connections will be ignored.

This is where ArayaCAD’s examples will work as they are merging the second geometry into a single geometry connection.

I see that this bit of info is missing from the docs - I’ll add it in :slight_smile:

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