Block edit - bad graphic (clipping)



I’d like to know if this problem is happening only with me or is something that sketchup never fix??? when i start to edit a block and zoom in it happens that in some angles (acoording the pic)


This effect is “clipping”. Search the SU knowledge base as well as this forum or sketchUcation to find many discussions about clipping and how to mitigate it.


If you attach your model we could probably point out why you are getting clipping.


This is what happens when the camera gets really close to the geometry in comparison to the physical size of the model.

If you are in parallel projection, switch to perspective, zoom out and switch back to parallel projection and zoom back in. “Zoom” in perspective view doesn’t really zoom but moves the camera forwards and backwards, thus solving the problem with being too close.

If you are in perspective view already the solution can be to “zoom” out (move the camera back), switch to parallel projection and then zoom in. In parallel projection the view is zoomed without moving the camera closer to the geometry.