Black Text Problem

This bug has been around since at least 2020. When I create 3D Text and place it on a surface, explode it, and try to fill it black it doesn’t work. But if I pick any other color from the Colors palette (say, a green) then pick black it replaces the green with black. It’s not tragic; just annoying. Any ideas?

I cannot reproduce this on my Mac. Text behaves as expected regardless of order of operations, explode then paint black, paint black then explode, it all works fine. In the 3D text options window do you have the “filled” box checked? Otherwise there is no surface to paint, just edges. Are you making extruded or flat text?

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I should have noted that it doesn’t behave the same way every time, and sometimes behaves as expected. I always have the fill box checked, and I’m making flat text every time.

Are you applying the color to the front faces or the back faces in the text?