Big request from dear plugin developers! could you develop such a "rule of thirds" plugin, is it real?

request to plugin developers: Hello dear developers! Could you develop such a plugin as 3DSmax “” rule of thirds Thank you VERY MUCH !!! what would we do without you … (4.6 KB)
I have attached a script for 3d max, you can check how it works

You can use a watermark in a Style for this.
I think it was this video ( @alexoliver )


When I render I also use this rule.
As @MikeWayzovskial has indicated, I will then use a PNG image in a watermark that contains this grid.

I am using the following watermark settings.

  • Set the watermark as an overlay

  • Make it slightly transparent

  • Uncheck the “Lock aspect ratio” so that the image spreads out on the screen.

Now you are ready to align the model in the scene you want to render.

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i use a simple components and scale it as needed. here’s a v2017 file with a solid line and an x-line version of the component.FIBONACCI GOLDEN THIRDS (V2017).skp (127.0 KB)

then just lock it in place as needed. (you can use it horizontally or vertically depending on your model requirements.

many thanks!

many thanks!

this is the only way it turns out, it’s a pity that the plugin is not there as for 3d max

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Where would you place it’s icon? :smiley:

I do not even know…

and this I will find where to put))))

See if this works
sw_Thirds.rbz (5.2 KB)

I had some code that was very similar

that’s great, thanks !!!

if you run this plugin and fix the on and off function, then you can add this plugin to the site

Uploading: Спираль Фибоначчи.png…