Big project workflow

I’m gonna work on a big project and i want some advice, tips and tricks for the best workflow.
So i will manage the project and there will be a few people who also gonna work on it.
how to put all other works in the same(final) file and keep it updated, how to keep the project file as light as possible,…
What do i have to pay attention to to start?

Any tips and tricks for modelling and texture?

Divide the project into components that you draw on in separate files and then load them into the master file. This allows several people to work on different parts simultaneously. A component could be a building in a neighborhood, an apartment module in a building, or even the interior of a room. In addition furniture, including anything custom built, should be components linked to external files.

To avoid overwriting data when reloading/saving out components you and your coworkers could have a policy stating you should NOT, say, edit individual buildings in the neighborhood model, or individual pieces of furniture in the building models, but edit them only in their external files.

In some cases it is useful with a separate working model containing numerous components, e.g. a whole collection of furniture on numerous apartment modules, save them out to external files (that are not edited separately) and load them into the master model. In this working file the components can be spatially arranged in a diagrammatical manner rather than how they would be placed in real life. Such file helps bulk editing numerous similar components, e.g. modify a sub-component that is shared by several components without having to open and edit each external file individually.

Note that unlike AutoCad’s XRef function file size isn’t reduced by linking external files in SketchUp - all data is embedded in the master file - but it helps organize the work, and the models most of the work are done in gets smaller which increases performance.

Thanks a lot for your reply!

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