Better UI support for a Great Numbers of Extension

Like user interface, each plugin may be collected under one icon. For example, move icon groups move, rotate and scale. This rule may be applied to all plugins to gain more spaces. Otherwise, things are getting worse like Office 97 UI.

You can try LaunchUp. Instead of having tons of toolbars all over the screen you can have only those you use the most and use LaunchUp for all other commands.

Btw, there are already menus for extensions. Pretty much every extension (at least the properly made one) have menu entries in categories such as Extensions, Tools, View, Camera, File and Edit. You don’t need to have a toolbar shown for each and every extension you use.

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Hi Eneroth :wink: If you visit, you’ll understand what I mean. I’ve already tried alternatives you mention (and thank you btw) but those are text-based or not easy as one click. Sketchup is simple and enough. I’m looking for simplest and better UI.

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