Best way to manage display order for objects in the same plane?

What is the best way to manage display order for objects in the same plane?

Delete or move one, if two faces share the same space, they will be fighting to get seen.

not faces thank you, groups i want to control the superposition. I have lines that I want to see on top of another group.

I do not know what ‘superposition’ means perhaps share a screen shot of what you mean?
Are those ‘lines’ guidelines or edges?

Remember, in SketchUp you are modeling in 3D… like in the real world. In the real world, two things cannot be the same space. Move items closer to or further from the location in question, just as you would in the real world.


Somewhere a decision was made about which object to show so I want to control that state. They are in the same place so the display order is being determined somewhere. If I move it away and move it back sometimes that will put it on top but not reliably.

This is LayOut or SketchUp? Please be clear about which program you are in. There are alignment controls in LayOut, the order is determined by the Layer order primarily and you can ‘Send’ an object to the back or to the front, within each Layer.

yes sorry that is in SU

and I see you can control LO object order in LO but you can not reach into the SU file and control them right?
It would be so much better if i could just click through the LO view and work on the SU model.

The decision about what shows (is closest to the camera) is made on the fly by the graphics hardware. It can’t be controlled by SketchUp. In fact, when two faces are at the same place you will see a shimmering effect called “z-fighting”, the graphics way of telling you it can’t make up its mind.

In Layout you overlay two scenes from sketchUp. if you have no background in the top scene the objects of that scene will appear to be on top of the lower scene in relation to to the viewer.

Sorry for dig up this topic.
I’m using SketchUp and Layout for making Concept Layout with just 2d graphic objects and control line width in LayOut. There is a way to control lines of tag Wall/Column display front of other lines (in the same plane) without move them up in Z direction?

Modeling in SketchUp.

LayOut layers and drawing objects have a display order. SketchUp tags don’t.
A possible way isto make a copy of your plan viewport. Then in the original, turn the wall/column tag off, and in the copy, turn off everything except the wall/column tag.

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