Best way to keep running BACKUP ... store in OnetDrive?


Use SU internal; “store files in” . How to ACCESS it?


What’s OnetDrive?

I’m not sure if one working copy of a file at an online storage should be called backup…


I assume “OnetDrive” is a typo for “OneDrive”. That is a Microsoft cloud file storage system. I would suppose it has the same benefits and limitations for backup as other cloud-based storage.


Yes, you’re right…my ‘sloppy’ typing!
I am not, [yet], aware of “limitations” …
Could you please ‘fill me in’?

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If you get cut off from your remote drive–either because it goes down or you lose your internet connection, you’ve got a good chance of locking up your system and/or losing your data. Even if you remain in contact with your cloud drive, it’s much, much slower than using a local drive.

In general, for optimum speed and dependability, you should always work from a local drive and then backup to a remote drive as a separate operation.

Actually, since capacious, greasy fast hard drives are pretty cheap these days, why do you want to use a remote drive for primary storage anyway?



@Gully_Foyle pretty much said what I would have. I’m not a fan of cloud storage except for backup, as unless you spend a fortune on your connection, the internet is too slow. And even for backup, if you lose a drive to you really want to spend several days retrieving a few tens of GB from the cloud (yes, it takes that long).


Gully, slbaum;
Thanks to you Both. Seems like cloud bckup is a UN-INFORMED, poor choice.
Thanks for informing me!

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Boswell, to clarify: as a place to put backup copies of data, a cloud drive is fine. Just don’t use that as your working location to save data in real time. Keep primary, interactive, real-time data storage on a local drive. Move a backup copy of the data to the cloud drive, if you wish, using the cloud drive interface, outside the context of a running SU session, and it will be there if you need it. SU doesn’t need to know about the cloud.


PS. How do you decide which words to capitalize?


Thanks, that additional clarification WILL make a difference.

Caps, hopefully, Emphasize.

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619 698-4674 Snail: 7400 Pkwy Dr.#97
. La Mesa, CA 91942-1593
A fool always ‘knows’,
. a wise man ASKS.


Caps are seen as shouting. Clearly written questions without random capitalisation and abbreviations will elicit more responses.
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I use Dropbox for this reason, it scans a folder on your hard drive to synchronize with its cloud storage. It could be done manually, on a schedule or as changes happen. Obviously i only do this with some handful of files that i cant afford to lose. backup to external as well.


Thank you for those Advisory tips!

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