Best PC Build for under $600

I am trying to build a PC for my sister who’s using Sketch up for designing her stuff.
So I’ve been searching CPUs and GPUs that would match for her requirement and budget but I couldn’t find anything properly. So please suggest a good build under $600. Thank you!

  • CPU: intel Core i5 v4/5/6 (higher clocked is better)
  • GPU: GeForce GTX 750Ti/GTX950/GTX960
  • RAM: 8 GB

if enough bucks over, a small SSD (Samsung Evo, Crucial BX) as system medium.

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I would also factor in what the upgrade opportunities might be for the near future.

IF… in a couple months time you/she are able to add in some extra money into the mix… Then I would make a case for skimping on the RAM for now, and trying to get the best CPU you can afford, and also opt for the SSD early on.

Upgrading ram in a desktop is as easy as it gets. and for that matter changing a Graphics card is to.

Going through the effort of trying to reconfigure the CPU, or installing all the programs onto a new drive is a lot more time consuming.

And don’t get me wrong I completely go along with @sketch3d_de recommendations on RAM size. and also recommended Graphics cards. Those are both very important components and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Make sure not to get a motherboard which is not restricting in terms of how much RAM it will support… but these days that’s probably not too much of a problem.

Quality power supplies are worth their price. and a good cooling system will come into more importance if you suspect your sister is going to be interested in rendering past what is already available directly within SketchUp.

also if you haven’t done so already, check out PC Perspective’s site. They have a page which tracks top picks for components in 4 different price ranges (aka their HW Leaderboard). You may not want to follow all of that, and you should certainly not go along with their graphics card recommendations,. . . but for the lesser discussed components such as motherboards. power supplies, etc… it might come in handy.

sure but even though wouldn’t buy anything weaker than a GTX750Ti (U$ ~120.- => Asus or MSI).