Best GPU for SketchUp?


I was wondering if anyone could tell me what GPU I need in order to run sketchup with minimal lag?

My files are currently around 100mb-200mb in size.

Even with a GTX Titan 12GB card, I’m experiencing extreme lag, which makes it hard to work.


You have a Titan GTX and are searching for a better GPU? :open_mouth:

A GPU don’t have so much impact here, you should try to modify your model for faster speed, see some hints here:

Links to the new blog site:

And be sure that:

  • Outliner window is never open unless you are actually using it, and never open when SketchUp closes.

  • You purge your model regularly of unused materials, styles, component definitions, etc.


  • Turn off textures until just before rendering (or actually adjusting textures on faces.)

I tried what you suggested, it makes no difference. My model is still extremely laggy.

Would a workstation GPU make any difference?

Yet more tips to follow.

You have a poly budget to work with. And after a point, you can’t throw more hardware at it to improve performance. Over the years, dramatic performances improvements have occurred - when I started, a 40 MB file was consider overly HUGE. But our suggestions will be very general unless we know more about your file contents.

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Short answer: No.
Workstation cards are mostly almost identical in hardware to corresponding consumer cards, and the rather big price difference is mostly justified by their better drivers.

If your SketchUp model has from hundreds of thousands to millions of edges and faces, it will be slow whatever the hardware. You will find the info in Window menu>Model Info>Statistics. Remember to check the boxes that add the geometry inside components to the count. Most of this model bloat is usually caused by using 3D entourage components like cars, people or plants downloaded from the Warehouse.