Best computer

Can anyone recommend the best computer to use Sketchup pro on? Do you prefer lap top or desk top?

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Do you prefer MacOS or windows? For MacOS the best laptop right now is the M2 max MacBook Pro, and the M1 Ultra MacStudio for desktop. On windows you have a lot more of options but the best processor is the intel i913900K for now, and the best gpu is the Nvidia RTX 4090 I own the M1 max MacBook Pro, and it works perfect with skp, and also got recently a desktop PC for rendering, it has the intel i7 13700K and an Nvidia RTX 4070ti, I usually work with big models and both machines can handle the work. But you must know that the performance of skp isn’t the best, even if you have the best hardware available, the viewport will lag with big models.