Best Approach to Measure and Document Compound Mitre Angle When "Off Axis"?

Bevel_Angle_Compound_Mitre_Off_Axis.skp (29.8 KB)

  1. Triangle has 1 edge on Green axis…No problem :slightly_smiling_face:
  2. Other edges are “Off-Axis”… :roll_eyes:
  • Place Axis?
  • Create “Auxiliary Face”? (Seems too distracting)
    Using Extension “Angular Measure” to document the angle…Not familiar enough with Layout…yet!
    Technical Thoughts…?

This is just a quickie but I’d probably do something like this:

Four scenes in SU. The three edges views aligned as shown, dashed lines using stacked viewports, text and angular dimensions in LayOut.

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You might also do something like this for the labeling of the plan view.