Beginners desktop computer for sketchup

Hi everyone, I’m a complete novice with an interior design hobby.

I’m going to do a sketchup course but my old laptop isn’t up to the task so I need to invest in a new one.

I hope someone might be able to give some advice - I’ve never used a mac before, but want the best computer or mac for my budget (around £700-£800).

Any help or advice most gratefully received!

To clarify what I’ll (hopefully) be using it for…I’ve recently re-designed / extended / refurbished my house, and off the back of this, and my instagram page, I’ve had quite a lot of friends and neighbours ask for me to help design rooms and extensions. So a potential business idea.

thanks so much

For that price these would suffice:

The lowest price Dell would be this:

Hi Hazel,

You mentioned a mac, and although those are very nice for many reasons, SketchUp and its accompanying program LayOut seem to just run better on a PC.

There are other reasons why you might prefer a mac (other programs you’re running, aesthetics, etc) but I imagine Dan sent only PC options for reasons of price and user experience with SketchUp.

Yea, I’m not a Mac type person. And SU recommends Nvidia discrete graphics which I think Apple no longer uses in the latest machines.

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