Bâtiment dynamique


Je me permet de poster mon problème que je rencontre sur la réalisation de mon bloc dynamique.
L’idée est de faire un bâtiment modulable via les données suivantes :

Longueur du Bâtiment : …
Hauteur Sud : …
Longueur du rampant sud : …
Inclinaison du rampant sud : …
Longueur du rampant nord : …
Inclinaison du rampant nord : …

J’ai a peu près réussi a faire ce que je voulais mais je bloque sur la jonction des IPE. J’ai pensé a faire des pièces de jonction pour les différentes inclinaisons (de 5° à 20°), les masqués et les faires apparaitre avec la fonction IF mais la position Z de la pièce change en fonction de l’inclinaison et je ne trouve pas la formule pour trouver cette position Z.

Peut-être que vous auriez une autre piste à explorer ?

Je vous joint mon fichier .skp.
Bâtiment dynamique 2023.skp (203.2 KB)
Merci d’avance à vous.


Visui needs a hand with his Dynamic Component. the idea is to make a DC with the following parameters :

  • building length
  • height south
  • length of south slope
  • angle of south slope
  • length of north slope
  • angle of north slope

He managed to do pretty much what he wanted to, but he is stuck on the I beams (marked in red). He thought about making a variety of junction elements (missing and circled in red in his screenshot) for every angle from 5 to 20° and make them appear with an IF function but the Z position of the element changes depending on the slope and he doesn’t find the formula to find that Z position.


Traduit en anglais, tu auras sans doute plus de réponses, pour ma part j’ai fait un peu de composants dynamiques il y a 10 ans, mais c’est bien loin.

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In the original French version I get the feeling that there’s the desire to create junctions. I think one way to go is to created them as a child component (slope angle dependent) inside the beam component.
And wouldn’t this solve the Z issue. It will be related to the local Z value.
(just thinking out loud)

yes, I’ll rephrase my post, he doesn’t have problems with the actual I beams but with the junction pieces. the missing parts circled in red on his screenshot.

There are no junction pieces. Can you post the required joints, no need to make all but show method of join as can make these dynamic

Thank you for your feedback and thanks to Ateliernab for the translation.
Yes indeed I am trying to create junctions that vary with the angle of the roof.

Below is the type of join I want to make.
Capture d’écran 2023-06-02 101235
Capture d’écran 2023-06-02 101256
Bâtiment dynamique 2023.skp (220.8 KB)

I altered “Structure TEST” so two legs of two groups, with axis at hinge point. The groups being the body and the angled end with hidden faces between.
I find its convenient to use Solid groups on the lowest level so OpenCut List reports the component as a whole and if you wish you can union with no component residue to be purged.
Hopefully you will be able to understand the formulars, however can do a PM if required.

Bâtiment dynamique 2023 (1).skp (293.3 KB)

I then made a copy to same dimensions of a joint
The joint I split into corresponding parts, then replaced the geometry parts of the amended “Structure TEST” (may be best to show hidden geometry to see this)

Hello Visui
I share a DC IPN Steal Beam with dynamic angles