Bad translation on Trimble login page


Sorry for the spam, but i found no “contacts us” of “feedback” page on Sketchup of Trimble’s websites.

On the login page of Trimble, under the login and password information, the button called in english “Next” is translated in french as “Prochain”. That’s not an understandable translation (and i’ve never seen it somewhere else). The button can just be named “Ok”.
It is a minor issue but it would prevent every french speaking user 10 seconds of doubt and “??!” about this strange button.

The function of the button is for you to go on to the next step in the sign in process. What would a Next button usually be named in French?

Depending on the exact meaning it could be:
the adjective…

  • Prochain [next = upcoming]
  • Suivant [next = following]

or the adverb…

  • Ensuite [next = afterwards]
  • Après [next = after - also a preposition]

So we need a french-speaker to agree what’s what !

I solved the problem. I VPNed into France and checked what Google do (they also use a Next button). They use Suivant.

I will suggest that we match what Google do.

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sorry for the late answer. Yes, “Suivant” is common too indeed.