Axis locking doesn't work while drawing guideline

while drawing guideline from existing diagonal guideline with locked axis, it doesn’t work on Mac with Sketchup 2021, neither with Sketchup 2020 :

That’s not a bug. The Tape Measure tool is doing what it is supposed to do: place a guideline parallel to the edge, guideline or axis line at the specified distance. The distance is and should be measured perpendicular to the starting line.

so the teacher of the tutorial below say wrong ? on 13 min 20 s of the video :

I don’t speak French but I can’t see anything in what he’s doing that is incorrect. There really is no need to lock the axis direction because it is fixed to parallel with the line/guideline you start from.

ok, thank you very much for your so quickly and precise answer

sorry for reporting this as a bug

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No worries. I removed bug from your title. :wink:

If you are pulling the Tape Measure tool from a point instead of a line or midpoint, the axis lock works as you would expect.

You may also get a magenta line, which indicates that you are parallel to or perpendicular to a line - and you can hover over a line and tap the Down arrow key to toggle between parallel and perpendicular.

As you pull out a diagonal guideline from a diagonal edge or guide, the tool automatically tends into any available axis, which when diagonal to the axes, could only be one or none. Draw a guideline from an edge that is on axis and it will be hard to make it NOT lock on one of the other two axes. It seems to need an inference in order to find a different vector. And shift constraint works in each case.
Had to check it out. Am I bored? :crazy_face:

Ok John, but I need to do this from an existing guideline which isn’t a point.

sorry but I can’t understand so much explanation
may be with a picture