AVR, Verified Views, Photomontage Verified, there are lots of names for it

I am looking to answer a question about Verified View, AVR, accurate photomontage, whatever you want to call it. Within the cababilities of Sketchup, is it possible to do accurate photomontage. I have used matched photo many a time, but never needing to be super accurate. I have some clients who do ask if I can do accurate ones, and I’m always hesitant to say I can as I can’t say how accurate they are. I know some companies specialise in doing these images. And I don’t know what software they use, but it involves setting up photographs and reference points etc.

I just wanted to tap into the brain of the forum to see if anyone has experience or knowledge they could pass on around the subject. I have been looking online but haven’t found the rabbit hole of success yet. This website does explain in good detail what goes into it Verified Views Methodology | Planning | By rbmp I just can’t figure out if it’s beyond sketchups limitations.

Many thanks

I don’t know what tools and workflow they use, but those are very good. I’ve done pretty well with Match Photo and gave a talk on it at the last 3D Basecamp. You can see some examples in my gallery thread like this one:

…and this one:

To do this, I rely on starting a model with at least some accurate dimensional information before doing Match Photo for other details and for context matching. I call it “Poor Man’s Photogrammetry.”

Hi @RTCool wow you have some really impressive work there, mastered the craft of these photomatch. I think I need to delve a little deeper into. If you’ve ever done a workflow video or tutorial I would be really interested to see your method. As far as what I can tell, having accurate context to reference is one of the most important elements, I will keep an eye on your work as it’s impressive the level of detail you go into with you models, results speak for themselves

Thanks. Yes, I do need to be putting more public content on my YouTube channel.

Oh, you know who else does amazing reconstruction work in SketchUp is Joshua Cohen (@jcohen71). He does it for legal case work and has presented at the last couple 3D Basecamps. They do use 3D scanners in there work (too rich for my budget). There website is here:

Thanks @RTCool for the shout-out! We don’t actually own any 3d scanners, but we do frequently use 3d scan data provided by police agencies or forensic experts.

Also, we rarely use the match photo feature in SketchUp which seems to work best when there are at least two clear lines of perspective in a photo. In our cases, we are often matching the perspective of photos that do not contain clean lines, but do have some clearly identifiable and measurable reference points. We developed a workflow that starts by placing a camera in the model close to where we believe the photo was taken. Then we use Advanced Camera Tools to nudge things into alignment through small adjustments to the camera position and focal length. Check out this page of our portfolio to see some photo matching projects that used this technique.

I keep hoping that someone will write a plug-in or an update to Advanced Camera Tools to solve for a camera position based on matching 5 or so reference points in a photograph. I think there are open-source algorithms that can do this, but I haven’t seen anyone attempt to do it inside of SketchUp. You might want to check out Photomodeler software if you are interested in expanding your capabilities in this area.


Amazing stuff from both of you guys. Thanks for sharing this with me. So great to see how others are working things out with sketchup, had never thought about crime scene stuff, so interesting looking at your case study work! For me here in the UK I have to be careful with the AVR stuff as there are cases where they weren’t accurate, and planning officers have picked up which never ends well. I’m going to explore things more.
Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and other resources around this subject