Avoid the Automatic Joining of Individual Parts

I’m trying to create a simple design for a cabinet in my home. I would like to draw the beams and shelfs, but I don’t want them to automatically connect. Especially with resizing this creates a lot of frustration :smile:

I just want to be able to draw independant beams and shelfs and move them together to create the final product. How do I avoid the automatic joining of the individual components?

The shelf is 18mm think lying on the floor. The beam is 18mm of the floor. If I drop the beam on the shelf it acts as one entity.

Make each part a component and they won’t stick together. This is a fundamental thing when working in SketchUp.

My suggestion is to draw a part, make it a component, draw the next part in place and make it a component and so on. Copy components when you have multiples that are the same. You can see how that process works the video here.

Great thanks! That got me going!

Hi @michaelkaandorp,

Have a look at these…

SketchUp Training Series: Components

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