Autosave to where?

I have recently installed SU 21 and upgraded to windows 10 (sadly) I have been working on a model and had a bugsplat. I had a few SU models open and I think forgot to save the main model I was working on…Bugsplat. As you can see in the image it should have been autosaving every 5 minutes. I look for my autosave and can find nothing. Am I missing something. Firstly I looked in where the file should have been if I had inadvertanly…not there. Any ideas?

I would try double checking the info under. . . >SketchUp Preferences >Files

…and I think that should bring up the option boxes for routing file location.

Just in case it’s needed Backup files have the .skb file extension. Which gets renamed to .skp as the the reactivation step.

It might also be worth it to try a Windows based Wild Card Search for… *.skb
(e.g… include the asterisk as the sole stand-in for the file name)

If you’ve saved the file at some point a backup file with the .skb extension should be created in the same directory as Jim indicates. If Sketchup crashes, a recovery file should be created in User/AppData/Local/Sketchup/SketchUp 2021/SketchUp/working/SKETCHUP/RecoveredFiles. The User/AppData directory is normally hidden on Windows but you can make it visible. If a recovery file was created, though, you should see it in the Welcome screen when you start Sketchup again. It’ll be pretty obvious.

Some extra notes to what Dave said…

The SKB doesn’t exist until the second time that you save a file. It’s a duplicate of your previous save. So for example, if you make a file at 9am, save it for the first time at 10am, then save it a second time at 11am, at that moment you now have an SKB that is a copy of the file as it was at 10am.

The recovery folder is in a hidden folder, but you can get straight there without having to change your Windows settings. Copy and paste this text into File Explorer’s path field to get there:

%LocalAppData%\SketchUp\SketchUp 2021\SketchUp\working\SKETCHUP\RecoveredFiles

That’s the manual way to get at the files. The welcome screen Dave showed is the easier way to get to those recovered files, but in the case of a new document that has never been saved, it will be named Untitled, and you may need to scroll down the recent files list to find it.

Thanks to all, with your help I now have it sorted out. I am so glad as it was such a tedious project…6 all dissimilar terrace houses and doing again from scratch would not have been a lot of fun.

I have the same problem
I was working on a file and left it open. Windows did an update overnight and restarted my computer. The file was closed but I can find no recovery for it anywhere. Not in the welcome window or in the RecoverdFiles folder. I can find the file I was working on there but it is a version that is hours older than the file should be if it was saving every 5 minutes. I have the boxes checked for create backup and auto-saving every 5 minutes. This didn’t happen in SU 2020, I always recovered the file that was min 5 minutes up to date. Any ideas what’s wrong? Dave

Did you check to see the last saved time for the .skb file which should be in the same directory as the .skp file?

Are you saving and working on a local file or is it saved to the cloud?

Presumably you are now using SU2021? Your profile needs updating.

When you installed SU2021 did you right click on the downloaded installer and choose Run as administrator? If not, required permissions may not have been set correctly.

I continued working on the file this morning and i have been manually saving my work so the .SKB date is for this morning. So at this stage I can’t determine if the SKB was the saved file. But I thought the recovered SKP file was supposed to be saved in the working folder or on the Welcome window?

Sorry, I updated the profile before sending this message but didn’t click save

I don’t remember installing as administrator but I remember on another SU issue it was recommended to me to open SU and run as administrator. That was supposed to fix the inability of Layout to export PDF’s but it didn’t work. Do you suggest I have to uninstall and reinstall SU?

The autosave time (standard 5 minutes) will start from the moment the model gets altered. Opening and leaving it alone won’t trigger the countdown.
Best to keep in control and manage the saves yourself.
There is usually a warning from the OS and the update process would need a human intervention. ( For Mac I know it does, not sure how the latest Windows handles it)

That’s probably not what was recommended. The installer should be run as I indicated by right clicking on it and selecting Run as administrator.

I wouldn’t uninstall. Just find the installer or get the latest version of it from right click on that, select Run as administrator and then if it is presented, choose Repair.

Make sure you are working on locally saved files. Don’t open them directly from a cloud storage service.

Thanks, I’ll try that

Thanks, I’ll have to do manual until I fix the problem

That worked. I get the “system busy circle” every 5 minutes now which mans the autosave is functioning again the way it used to be.
Thanks, Dave

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