Autosave Saved Me- Thanks Sketchup!

6 years of using SketchUp and I’d never forgotten to save my work - until yesterday!

I was doing a quick and dirty layout of a room destined to be my temporary bedroom/office at my future home 300 miles away from where I’m currently living. I was on site, measuring the room to see both if my preferred bed/bedside tables configuration will fit in my preferred location (they won’t - but will if I only have 1 bedside table) AND what size sit/stand desk will fit in the room with reasonable clearance - and let the window be next to the desk - so I can periodically lift my head from my work and focus off in the distance - not to mention enjoy the view!

I was working off the small screen of my undocked laptop - perched precariously on the sink in the (currently non-functional) adjacent bathroom, taking measurements and immediately creating the floor plan - I did the rectangle, then used that to guide creation of 4 walls using the @Medeek Wall extension (I need the practice) - and created 3 components - all simple blocks -1 for the bed, 1 for the Elfa drawer stacks I have that I use as my beside tables, and 1 for the dimension of the sit/stand desk I thought would be the one I wanted.

I didn’t bother to actually create any openings in the walls. Instead, I pulled guidelines for contstraints - “here’s where I can put the bed arrangement and stay clear of the inswing door to the hall”, “Here’s the edge of the closet door”, and “Here’s the window”.

After arranging things as best I could (and discovering I couldn’t use BOTH bedside tables - but there’s a tiny closet with a nook within it that will take the 2nd one perfectly!) - and determining that the sit/stand desk I was about to order would work well in the space, I was called away.

And forgot about the model - as I’d accomplished the purpose I had in mind when I started it. A few hours later, I returned to shut down the laptop to stow if for my trip back to my current home.

I never saved the model.

Just a few minutes ago, I realized my mistake, opened SketchUp - and there it was! A “recovered” file named “Untitled”!

And I’m VERY glad it was auto-saved! I didn’t write down ANY of the dimensions I took - and now I find myself happy that I can recover them from the dimensions of the model.

Thanks SketchUp!