Autodesk 00 car wins Xfinity race in Texas - Could we ever see a SketchUp race vehicle?


This past weekend, Cole Custer in the 00 car sponsored by Autodesk won the NASCAR Xfinity series race at Texas Motor Speedway in dramatic fashion.

And embedded video here …

This led me to ask Could we ever see a SketchUp race vehicle ?

This might be an interesting idea for a monthly modeling challenge. Participants could choose any kind of vehicle (car, truck, motorcycle, boat, submarine, aircraft, rocket, spacecraft, bathtub, whatever, …) as long as it sports a racing motif with SketchUp as the main sponsor.

In reality, what kind of vehicle and race (series) would users like to see sponsored by Trimble SketchUp ?


Electric vehicles.


Top Fuel Dragster (Push)
Tractor Pull (well…Pull)
NASCAR (Follow Me)



How about cycling? Colorado has a pro cycling race, the Colorado Classic. I didn’t make it to Steamboat Springs 3D Basecamp, but I’d heard of the city because of this race.


Eco-marathon: winner is the team whose vehicle finishes the course in acceptable time and consumes the least amount of fuel .




gravity racers…

models judged in MS Physics…

top 12 built for a real race at BaseCamp…



Sure. Any kind of race.

Fueled, battery power, human power, solar power, wind power, water power, downhill coasting, etc.