AutoCAD component not updating

Autocad architecture floor plan has been EXPORTED as a 3D plan and loaded into sketchup.
Trying to get sketchup to work like it’s using xrefs like in CAD.
Got excited when I found “reload” in the right click shortcut menu.
So, went out to my original cad file> dropped in another door> and reexported the same file with same name/ origin etc.> saved it and closed the file.
Went back out to sketchup file> selected the ACA component that was loaded in previously> right clicked “reload”… but nothing changes (door I added as a test doesn’t show up).
Am I doing something wrong? Is there some sort of REGEN required in sketchup?

Really want some derivative of this to work, so that as my plans change, I can reload them into sketchup and update as required.

It does not yet have this feature natively. But there is a old plugin by TIG over at SketchUcation.

See this topic thread in the Pro category. (Where I am moving this topic BTW.)

Referencing Sketchup Files