Auto Zoom Extents as a scene check box option

Could “Auto Zoom Extents” be one of the check boxes in the individual scene options in the Scenes Window? My default template has parallel projection scenes built into it from every perspective so all I have to do is export to a matched layout template and the scenes drop in. But I have to go through and zoom extents then update each scene before exporting to make sure each new model fills the scene window in the middle.

I think this would be an nice option during creation too, I already have a monochrome with bright reverse faces, profiles, no guides etc scene, as a sort of “let me see what the heck is going on here” scene , it would be great if that scene auto zoomed to fill the screen as well.
Yes, I know the camera position is saved but as the model grows and shrinks this needs to be repeatedly edited, I would hope the Auto Zoom Extent option for a scene would preserve as many camera attributes as possible while just backing in or out and centering.

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Same the ideas, in my plugin Bound Size - Fit view to Bound - YouTube

If anything I think this should be an option for the viewport in Layout. Rather than updating the scene on every change to the model (or however it would be implemented), LayOut could simply apply a zoom extents each time the viewport is redrawn.

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This would also be useful, if layout viewports could auto center and fill the viewport as an option.