Attributes of components with error

Attributes of components with error
Can you give me a hand? trying to understand why the two components together when I change the dimensions occur error!

The two components have sub components which are the same, not unique, so change one of the formulas the other changes,
When you want to change the formula of a copied sub, you must make it unique first, otherwise it will change the original as well.
If you want to change the parent name, then make all the subs unique first or change all references to the specific name to the the generic parent. That is use parent!lenx instead of modelo_02!lenx.
The need to choose which method depends on what data you wish to preserve. But generally making unique all the subs of a copy you wish to build on is the safest.

I would choose modelo_02, delete the other, do a redraw. Then move copy to create the one to modify, then make it and all its subs in all nesting unique, then do your changes. Its important to create the unique component first, do not copy it to another file in the hope that bringing it back will make all the components unique, it does not as the subs will have same identity stamp.


Thank you for taking the time to help me.