Attach a material to a layer in sketchup for windows


As a mac user it’s very easy to attach a material instead of a solid color to a layer for use with ‘color by layer’. You click on the color box behind the layer and you click on the desired material of the material browser and you are done. But now I try this on a windows version… And I can’t find An easy way to this. OK I can browse for a texture but i don’t have the texture itself I want to use a material already in the material browser. I can export the texture from the material and than use this texture. But this a very clumsy way to actieve this. So my question is what is the right way to attach a material on a layer on a windows sketchup version? And please don’t tell me the way I just described is the only way?


There is no “right” way, the fact you can define a material is not intended behaviour . It’s the side effect of reusing the material browser. I know you want this to be a feature, but that isn’t the current situation. That’s why the UI differ from platform to platform for this.