Assign pivot

Is there the possibility of being able to assign the rotation fulcrum to an object?
I’m trying to make a human exoskeleton, but every time I have to rotate (ex.) the arms it’s a mess.
Tnx for the replies.

There’s no way to do that in the free web version. You can make individual groups or each part and then use the Rotate tool to move the groups. It’s not that difficult but you need to plan ahead and then just use the Rotate tool correctly.

In this example I’m showing two different copies rotated and moved into different positions.

And I know, if you want to position my model in different positions it becomes tiring then having to move using only the rotate tool. But why is there the possibility in the other versions?

It’s a good reason to learn how to make your model so the parts are easy to handle and to learn how to efficiently use the Rotate tool. I used Rotate and Move to make copies of the components in 26 different locations in my steam engine model. Not difficult nor tiring because I set the model up with that in mind.

It’s not a native thing in any version of SketchUp. There are some options with different extensions that can set pivots for animating models but the web versions don’t support extensions. Unfortunately the desktop versions of SketchUp don’t support the “1” operating system your profile says you are using.

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