Array around a curve?

Hello! I’m trying to have louvers of my building follow a curve, and am not sure if there’s a way/extension to do it. I couldn’t find an array option when copying them to have them follow it. I’ve included the model.

Louvres.skp (335.8 KB)

Profile Builder is one of the best extensions for this (build along a path function).

Does this do the sort of thing you want? Path Copy is another extension that can do it.

This is perfect! Thank you so much!

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Sorry, one more question: when I attempt to use this, it’s putting the louvers either in front or at the back of the line. I can’t get it to stay on the same axis, even after editing the component and changing the axes. Attached is the new model.
Louvres2.skp (352.6 KB)

Explode the component and the nest, make the component so the axes are parallel to the models axes and set the components axes as shown below. I used the curve nearest the red axis.