Area correlation between sandbox and 'flat' area

I set up contours on a ~116 ha undulating property. On enquiry, we found the ‘flat’ area to be BIGGER than the area of the equivalent sandbox boundary. Is there a possible explanation to this.

Allowing us to work with the model file will help us help you.

As Geo says, seeing your model would be helpful in helping to diagnose what is going on.

I made a quick test and I get what I would expect to see. The Sandbox terrain shows more area than the flat surface.

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I spent some time looking at the fine detail. It seems it picked the lakes in flat layout and omitted them on the sandbox. I think I am sorted.

Thank you for taking the time to respond.



From your screen shot it doesn’t appear the lakes separate the flat face into separate regions.

  • Flat: 1177404 m2 - 1149902 m2 = 27502 m2 is lake area
  • Terrain: 1197592 m2 - 1167929 m2 = 29663 m2 is lake area

Shouldn’t they be the same?