Are the Help Center instructions for installing SketchUp on Windows wrong?


Problematic URL:

Description of the Issue:
The above linked page in the Help Center states that you must:

  1. “Log in to the computer with a user account that has administrator rights.” then
  2. "Double-click the EXE install file. You can also context-click and select Run As an Administrator. (Emphasis in original.)

Based on numerous threads in this forum, I’ve come to believe that the “context-click and select Run As an Administrator” is the only way to correctly install SketchUp (Make or Pro, 2015 and later - and perhaps earlier) on Windows. And that you don’t need to be logged in as a user with administrator rights.

Either I’m wrong in my understanding or the instructions on the Help Center are wrong!

Selected Version of SketchUp: The same instructions appear for downloaded (i.e. non web based) versions on Windows - Mac might be different as I think the Help Center does OS detection. On this I could well be wrong!

Selected Operating System: I see the instructions from Windows 10.

How I discovered this: While reading a thread with a user complaining about the need to “uninstall and re-install using Run As Administrator” in order to fix bugs (along with a rant that SketchUp should immediately fix it) I was tempted to suggest the user should have read the installation instructions. But before I chimed in, I thought I should actually check the installation instructions. So I did - and was surprised by what I found!


I have never had problems installing SketchUp by logging with an admin account and double-clicking the installer, or, from a non-admin account, double-clicking and providing admin user name and password.

I wonder if some third party security software or using Windows with the highest UAC setting causes the failures others report. However, double-clicking is, AFAIK, the standard way of installing Windows applications, and I have never seen anyone explain what the difference is. A short search found no documentation about this. To me it appears as a magic formula, like keeping your fingers crossed.

Edit: Needing to use an undocumented nonstandard procedure to install SketchUp would IMO indicate a buggy installer.


See this segment of SU Facebook Live…

There’s another set up murky instructions over here…
Installing & Authorizing SketchUp— SketchUp Help


In the last few months I have seen other apps that need to be installed (on Windoze 10) with the right click and select run as administrator


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