Correct Windows install process

When will there be a big banner headline telling every windows user that they must install Sketchup by Right clicking on the installation.exe and choosing Run As Administrator.

Failure to install this way will lead to a wild variety of inexplicable and unforeseeably weird problems.
This is a well know problem and has been flogged to death for years, and yet nobody knows about it.


This could be accomplished with the first screen that comes up when the installer package opens…

Well, I have never had install problems even if I have never done it like that, just installed while logged in to my admin account. I wonder if this has to do with what firwall/antivirus package you are using.

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I hate and love to say it Anssi, but you have been lucky all these years.
If you troll through the posts you’ll see that there is a weird selection of anti issues that are the result of installing without admin privileges.
I couldn’t possibly list the issues as they are unpredictable and if you haven’t had to deal with them they are as understandable as mustaches on sheep.

Although computers are complicated beasts I am not convinced that what I have been experiencing is luck, and what interests me in this subject is that there must be a reason why others haven’t been as “lucky”. The standard Windows installation procedure for any application is to run the installer with administrative privileges, and I am not convinced that keeping your fingers crossed or any other gestures should make a difference. If it does, there is something in the individual Windows setup that is different from what I have, which is quite plain vanilla.


I have been on both sides of this fence, Some have installed correctly without the right click method and some have not. I have noticed better luck lately using the right click method for ALL installs.

FWIW, the installation instructions mentions only the ‘Administrative Right’ part of the user who is logged in.
It might be that the administrator has set up some restrictions for certain area’s of drives the computer has access to. (Servers etc.)
IT doesn’t like people installing programs or users altering their (hidden) folders.
I stopped saying ‘You should have installed etc. ‘ because the installation instructions do not mention those.

Now, I kindly suggest to try a ‘Repair’ with the rightclick method, saves a lot of argueing.
In general, if you look at the number of files and registries on an average computer, I am always surprised that it works at all :slight_smile:

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limited user rights e.g. issued by company policies or derived by a domain controller etc. are very likely to be cause of this recommendation, a local default Windows user w/o any special user rights limitations should typically not be affected by this issue… had never problems installing the ‘normal’ way since decades now.

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