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I don’t know what your specific requirements are from a PDF editor but I use the free version of PDFSam ( ) to extract and merge PDFs…

spooky… this just appeared in my YouTube feed

Try Xodo pdf. I have issues with measuring areas but it’s a great editor.For areas markup, the best I found was actually Autodesk Design Review

I’ve seen the video above is for libreoffice draw. You can edit stuff there, but honestly it takes ages to open a vector pdf file from layout.

You can also check Bluebeam Revu. It’s probably overkill, but it’s not rental.

Yep off topic, but what are you editing?

This must depend on what you expect in performance and what you need to do. For example I just use Preview in Mac. It has some export options, different markup tools (some crude “drawing”), and I can combine and split documents (though this can be cumbersome at times, works OK for what I do). You can’t make forms AFAIK.

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Do you mind if I ask what 2D Cad product you use for CDs?

Did you not see the earlier response? I asked the same question:

Funny, personally I can’t see any reason to us/pay for AutoCAD for 2D CAD, but then I never tried so…

I agree- I went to sketch up because I was looking for a reasonably priced drafting solution, I don’t want to spend the big bucks on Auto-Cad. I don’t need a 3D model though so it seems like I am spending more time than I would have with a 2D program. I used to use VISIO before it was bought by Microsoft and I really liked it.

Thanks for pointing out the response.

I haven’t looked for a while, but MacDraft was a pretty good tool for @D at one time.
PweerDraw/PowerCADD was also but I think they are essentially online support.

Though it’s been a while, if I was going to just do 2D CAD I’d look again at CADintosh:
Even works on M1 Macs.
(I just downloaded it for another look).

Funny, all this assumes a Mac.

You might wanto put some parameters out here. What are you trying to draw and what platform(s)?

These are good tools. PowerCADD is the current product. BUT it is not cheap and it is not currently having new releases (though development is supposedly happening) so can only run on older MacOS. I would say it has been incredibly stable through multiple OS changes. I have a couple functions at present that sometime crash it.

On the other hand it has been SUPER cheap for those who bought it long ago, got many upgrades. and there’s no maintenance fee because maintenance isn’t offered!

I don’t know what you mean " they are essentially online support" . PowerCADD / Wildtools is Desktop. Support is low key. Sometimes you might call and talk to the programmer or other times…? Alfred of WildTools is present in the online forum, active, and accessible. WildTools is often updated, but it depends on PowerCADD, so that determines what OS and hardware you must use.

Maybe all this is OT, but you were the OP.

Great, I will check those out. I do have a brand new Mac. I want to create construction documents for a 650 SF residential addition, so not a big or complicated job.


Not at all. I was trying to get at how folks do SU, and related apps/workflow.

Sorry about typo mistake re PowerCADD. I meant to say their support is minimal as vest I can tell. I wrote to them recently and didn’t get a response. I’ll try again. I owned it at one time so hope I can dig up that license.

I wouldn’t go back to 2D because I like the 3D usuals and drawing once option, but I could see supplementing occasionally, and it would be fun just to play.

Deb, search for Macintosh 2D CAD

Ignore the comment about how in the old days pc’s were ahead of Macs. Not true. I remember either MiniCad (now Vectorworks) or PowerDraw (now PowerCADD) being able to run circles around anything on a PC, re-rendering multiple views at the same time, when AutoCAD on a PC couldn’t have more than one view open at a time.

Yeah, they don’ have much staff if any.
The 2d application is good for all the non-modeling. things. SO much better than LayOut for texts, notation, any markup graphics and dimensions. And easy to bring in other images and tables. You can explode pdfs, So I mostly use SketchUp for the elevations, besides rendering and other presentations.
Also you can bring topographic plans to WildTools, produce terrain sections, and create a 3d DXF for SketchUp.

PowerCADD is so similar to Adobe Illustrator that I basically stopped using Illustrator for a lot of graphic design work, and just do it in PC like this poster illustrating the use of SketchUp for Schools in my class:

There are imported photos, drawings, text on a path, and radial distribute, which you can do in SketchUp, but here there’s the option to not rotate the object being distributed along the arc. Actually, I thought about doing a video to show why PowerCADD is the program Layout wants to be when it grows up. I think once Layout users see what can be done, they’ll really be asking, “Why not.”

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Yeah those days are LONG over with. At least Acad can run on current OS. It will be a miracle if powercadd ever gets updated. I’m afraid that it died with Bill.