ArchiCad to SketchUp export with instancing


Is it possible to export from ArchiCad SketchUp with instancing supported?
ArchiCad has skp export, but objects are not converted to component instances, so the file size quicky gets out of control.


I am not knowledgeable about the set up option out of ArchiCad but if there is no resolution to this, you can quickly replace all the groups with the same component using ThomThom’s Component Replacer extension.

I hope this helps


Thans CD,
Unfortunately there are also no groups in the export, just faces.


I know next to nothing about ArchiCad.
But I recall @Anssi is familiar with it.


How about using a 3D DWG as the intermediary format? You can set up the DWG exporter to create AutoCad blocks that, when imported, become components in SketchUp. The catch is, though, that what you might get is a zillion unique components, depending on your export setup.

Edit: Another possibility is to use the IFC format, now that Sketchup can import it.



Thank you Anssi,
DWG worked as you said. I get components, but they are all unique. Still, it is easier to work with than just faces.
IFC also created components, but they are also all unique. With IFC I didn´t get layers like I did with DWG.
Both DWG and IFC looses textures, which worked with skp and 3ds import.

Better support for instancing on import could be added to the which list for SU2016…


In the case of Archicad what would be required would be better support of instancing on export. The unique components aren’t a result of the SketchUp importer, but the Archicad exporter. I often have to export plans to DWG, and it is a nuisance for me too, as, for instance, room tags are all unique.



Excuse my English i’m a French user of Sketchup.

Save your Archicad model as a Sketchup.
In Sketchup : Edition -> Reveal -> Eveything.
The edges will apear.