Arched shape

Hello everyone ,

I just arrived on the forum,
I have a very specific question,
How can I shift this arched shape inward or outward, I tried to find extensions but I did not find. Would anyone have an idea?
Thank you in advance.


Perhaps this ?
Note it also needs this Lib…
Restart SketchUp to sync the installation…

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Hello TIG,

Thank you for your return, I tried the extensions of Fredo6, but it does not work. in fact I wish to shift the whole form in a uniform way. Without copying the curves and line one by one. I enclose an image of the furniture in question.

Thank you

Is this what you want to do?

Create a surface first and then use Offset from Fredo6’s Tools on Surface. It also requires Lib_Fredo6 to which TIG provided the link.

Edit: After posting the above, I see you’ve created two threads on the exact same topic. Please don’t do that.

Yes that’s exactly it, thank you for your help DaveR