AR options

I want to get glasses so I can watch my models with augmented reality like it shows in the SketchUp video , can someone help me I don’t know where can I get these glasses

If you mean VR goggles, the only one i know of is the Oculus Rift

The only AR glasses I know of are Microsoft’s HoloLens: HoloLens 2—Pricing and Options | Microsoft HoloLens
You can obviously do it on iPhones/iPads (I assume Android too) but you asked for glasses

Is there an alternative glasses that are cheaper than the hololens?

Apple are ‘supposedly’ going to release a pair ‘maybe’ in 2022 but at the mo I think there’s only the MS ones.

I doubt if they are cheaper, though…

AR stands for ‘Augmented Reality’
This option is available in the ‘Mobile Viewers’ when you have a subscription or when in trial. Free to download, the option is tied to the plan.

VR or Virtual reality viewers need the SketchUp extension to run on the desktop (Oculus Rift, HTC vive)

The Hololens and other Windows mixed Reality glasses use Trimble connect and it’s own Windows app.

Ceck the products in your AMP to see what’s available to you: