AR Headset for Sketchup Pro on MS Surface Book 3 / Sketchup Viewer on iPad Pro

I am looking for light AR glasses / AR headsets for Sketchup Pro on MS Surface Book 3 with Windows 10 Home and for Sketchup Viewer on iPad Pro with the latest iPadOS.
For example Hololens 2, but it’s too expensive for me.
Which AR glasses / AR headset are suitable? I want to show my customers my own sketchup drawings of home gardens in 3D.

Do you want to show the model in 3D (in Virtual Reality) or overlay it over the real World (Augmeted Reality)? If second - have you tried the AR viewer mode in SketchUp Viewer for Android/iOS?

If you want to show with VR - I don’t think that the devices that you mention are powerful enough to drive the VR headset.

I want augmented reality, for example my plan of a house garden over the real world in the background.
The AR viewer from Sketchup on the iPad is good when I show the planned garden on a desk, but not 1: 1 in the garden to be built live on site. I think a headset with AR glasses is the better option.
There are also AR glasses, for example Epson Moverio. Do you know these ?
It is not easy as a gardener to get an overview of all the technical possibilities …

With what you are looking at, I don’t think you have many options other than Hololens 2. (or Trimble XR10) But that is circa £3.5k, which is very far from cheap. And quite niche.
I’ve used both Hololens 1 and Hololens 2, will not recommend original first version (slower and small field of view). From what I can see in terms of Epson Moverio - it is way below Hololens 1. E.g. I don’t see anything to track 6DoF to position hologram correctly. I used similar glasses (with one display) for warehouse picking operations - it can add image, but just floating in one space, without awareness of surounding space (one of things that makes Hololens so cool. And expensive)