Apple lauded Sketchup's performance on the new M3 Max laptops at the "Scary Fast" keynote tonight

ok, something interesting though :

M series have 2 core types, eco and perf.

going M1 to M3 represents +37,5% eco and +26,5% perf (numbers above). an average of +30,7% (advertised as 30%)

your super intensive test with 64 sets shows a +30,6% performance.
The other one shows a +37% performance.

that’s… a pretty consistant boost for once :slight_smile: !

I wonder if the normal test used mostly an eco core while the hard test used a perf core… or switched in the process ? I wonder if devs can force a mono-core app on a specific core like we do on PC with GPUs :thinking:

Thanks, Colin. I would love to see the performance of 5 vector-rendered windows on a Layout sheet updated on Intel versus M3. Any chance of that happening?

I think I will hold onto my 2019 MacBook Pro unless the there’s a $3800 difference. Please advise.

You can give me any example file and some steps, and I can see how they perform in different versions of LayOut, and on at least an Intel and M3 Mac. I do have an M1 iMac as well I can try.


Hi again, I upgraded my macbook pro to an M2 Pro / 32gb / 12GPU / 19CPU and am running Ventura 13.4 instead of Sonoma 14.0 and I am still getting this error message from Sketchup and Enscape:

“Error starting Enscape. Enscape exited unexpectedly. Please restart Sketchup. We are sorry for the inconvenience. We are eager to fix the problem you’ve encountered, so please send us an error report. Your feedback includes the Enscape log files. This helps us to fix the problem sooner!”

Any ideas?

do you send the error report ?

I mean, this sounds like an enscape crash, did you go to enscape’s community too ? Because here it’s Sketchup users, some of them use enscape too, maybe a handful has experiences with crashes, but nothing will compare to the level of support you’ll find on the proper community

(same way asking for a SU crash on enscape’s forum might not give results)

edit : also, you’re using ventura 13.5 , there is a 13.6.1 now. it might help, who knows ?

I´ve been using enscape on my M1 max MacBook for almost a year now and I haven’t had any issues with it.

I did send the error report and contacted both Enscape and Sketchup multiple times. Enscape has told me that because it is an error from Sketchup they can not provide help.

I am trying the Enscape community forum as well now, thanks.

Maybe it’s because you’re using Somona, I haven’t updated yet, and I won’t do it until all the softwares I use have support for Sonoma, Sketchup and Enscape run with no issues on Ventura.

Hi, I’m not using Sonoma, I downgraded to Ventura and am still getting the message.

Please update your forum profile then…