Apple lauded Sketchup's performance on the new M3 Max laptops at the "Scary Fast" keynote tonight

This took me a bit of time, partly because I was getting 60 fps on all of my Macs.

I took the FPS test that has been posted in the forum, and made 64 sets of the geometry showing all at once. That slowed things down enough to tell some differences.

My work Intel MacBook Pro gave about 5.9 fps. My M1 Max, that I am wiping soon so I can pass it onto a friend, gave 6.2 fps. The M3 Max gave 8.1 fps.

There was a different test I could do, which I can’t actually describe for now, where in that case the Intel Mac was 15 fps, M1 was 27 fps, and M3 was 37 fps.

So, for what it’s worth, M1 is marginally to significantly faster than Intel, and M3 is a worthwhile amount faster than M1.