Anyway to stop lines 'sticking' to axes

Hello, is there a way to stop lines (when drawing them) from sticking to the three axes?
There are some cases when it is needed to draw a line that is not exactly parallel to an axis but pretty close, and it is a pain to have to fiddle around.

Press Alt

Is there a place where all these shortcuts and things are listed?

You’re welcome!

When you activate a tool, you can read what is written in the information bar at the bottom of the page, you will find there some instructions and shortcuts.

Also, you can read ‘Release notes’ for every versions, to see what’s new: SketchUp Desktop 2021.0 | SketchUp Help

And: Using Shortcuts in SketchUp for Web | SketchUp Help

Thanks for the tips!

Alt for Windows and Command for Mac.

Thanks, I’m on Windows.

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