Anyone create SketchUp models for $ if I have blueprints of a building?

I work for a nonprofit Museum and am looking to have the building interior and exterior walls designed for me. I have tried learning but have only been able to master the very basics. My job is to track all of the exhibits and artifacts inside, but as these move often, I can input all the furniture, cases, etc myself, if someone was able to design the walls, hallways, stairs and those details that do not change. The building itself is large, 80,000 sg. feet. I do have many blueprints, maps, even some 3D obj. files of the building. I know details are still a bit vague, can anyone recommend who could do this and possibly an estimated cost as I would have to get this approved?

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There are quite a few people here who would be able to help. You should be ready to give a little more info about job specifics and an idea of what “small-ish compensation” means… remember, you will get what you pay for… designers who can get work done to a high level of accuracy will cost more that the unproven… something to think about!


Thank you for your response, and I do see your point. I am new to this and didn’t wish to offend anyone since I don’t have an actual figure, I guess I am more looking for “quotes” that I can get approved by my work place, but I can see I will need to be more specific. I will try again :blush:

add your general location, as someone may live up the road…


In the San Diego area. Also should point out that I am not looking for 100% exact measurements (though I do have those), just looking for all of the displays and exhibits to fit in, not precision

I can help,

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I’d also suggest a more concise topic title that includes the city.
Like “Paid modeler needed in San Diego area” or “San Diego CA firm needs affordable models drawn”, etc.


Actually Carter you can’t help if you are using Sketchup Free.

@beckrlc Please make sure anyone doing commercial work for you is using the Pro version.


The best person to do this really (from what I understand the task to be - that being: constructing a model of a building, from plans and other information supplied. The model being suitable for ongoing use and modification by others.) is an architect or building designer who has SketchUp in their work flow. The second best person is someone like me who does this type of work on a regular basis, and who will ask a ship load of questions before starting the job. Achieving accuracy is a fundamental tenet of this type of work, so probably best not to encourage otherwise. Where I am from, architects, like lawyers, some times act pro bono for a just cause, so perhaps you could contact your local peak body for some leads. Failing that, I am willing to have a look at it and give you a forthright appraisal - noting that it is all very well to build a model, and toss a few bits of furniture in there. But knowing what to do with it to make it something useful from there is probably the most important thing that many people don’t think about. If you have that part sorted you are well in front.

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Yes, for minimal walls/hallways - $200.

For over 30 doors/ rooms - $400.

Give me pdf or dxf and I will give you accurate coat. Yes. I have pro version.

I can help if you still need. Not too experienced or fast but cheap.

Just to be clear, there would be no new construction or permitting involved, yes? That said, here are some things to consider:

  1. Your model would most useful if well put together in terms of layers, groups, components and basic scenes to give you straight forward control over the views you wish to produce. This would suggest someone with experience in architectural modeling.

  2. Does your design need approval or review by someone or a group of someones? If so, it would suggest a model that is sufficiently finessed in detail so as not to be distracting or detracting from what your are presenting.

  3. Eighty-thousand square feet is a big hunk of building. Someone suggested contacting an architectural firm and seeing if they can model in SketchUp and be willing work pro bono since you are a nonprofit. You would likely get good results, but there would be some little hurdles and more than a little time involved. Might be worth some local phone calls. And it’s quite possible you my find a solution right here.

Sounds like fun, best of luck!

I would be interested in having a look can you email me the pdf drawings

If you provide your drawing I am sure there are some on the forum who will have a quick look and give you feedback. They are a friendly lot.