Anybody here using SketchUp with the DesignPH plug in? Looking for hrlp

  • not an architect but willing to learn would be best description
    I am a passive house designer and found SketchUp via the DesignPH extension which allows us to capture all the geometry data required for our excel
    Based software. I think I have managed that with some simple models but would now like to use the model to simulate the effect of shading on the buildings energy demands

Has any one here used this extension?

Maybe this video helps you

Sun analysis was good

Energy analysis is what I am using SketchUp for in Particular the DesignPH extension. This gives an overview of the extension

I have sefaira but is a paid app

Design PH is a paid app also

sefaira looks good will take a look at it would be curious to see what type of analysis it could do on my 76m2 cottage. I have attached copy could you run it through seferia for me please? I’m

cottage 1.skp (1.1 MB)

I’ll try a soon as possible. Could you please reduce the geometry to only faces? It will be easy. You only need a rectangle for Windows for example…

Beolight.skp (91.9 KB)
Is this okay?

Perfect! Where is it located? Which axe is the north?

Dublin Ireland very close to Dublin airport handy so I can use their weather file
The side with no glazing is south facing
I know😀
If you put A45dx67 into Google maps you will get exact

This is a small test. I have sent a message with a few screenshots