Any chance Adobe buys SketchUp?

Just out of interest, do you think it would profit Adobe to buy SketchUp? Any chance they buy it and include it with their applications?

I think it wouldn’t make sense. Adobe already have a parametric modeler, and are working on a clay modeler. You also can still get Adobe Dimension, which can import SketchUp models and render them.

I’m not sure about their plans for doing a non-parametric modeler, but I would not be surprised if they are working on such a thing.

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That’s assuming the Trimble are interested in selling SketchUp which is doubtful as it is an important part of their much larger digital modeling ecosystem. Adobe would have to buy Trimble Global, which would be silly as they don’t know much about earth moving or GPS, and they simply don’t have pockets nearly deep enough for anyway.

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