Another push pull issue


I’m having problems creating 3 windows on the roof in the attached sketchup file. I can’t seem to create the opening with the push pull function.

Please advise.

thanks in advance
Extension v2.skp (9.6 MB)

Simply put (others could explain and elaborate better)…

Push/pull works when the opposing planes are parallel.

In your case the sloped roof and horizontal ceiling are not parallel.

You should look at grouping the geometry of the building element rather than having everything as loose geometry.

As an aside…

This model was made in SketchUp Web and when I opened it up in my latest SketchUp 2021, a dialog opened saying:

The file that you are trying to open was created in a newer version of SketchUp…

Does this mean version 2022 for download is imminent…?

Thanks for helping me understand the problem. I basically did all that just from watching a YouTube a video so am very novice.

Do you have any suggestions on how can I create windows on a sloped roof then? You mention grouping - how should I do the grouping and how would that help?

In response to your as an aside - I used the free web version and selected download. It then asked me what format and I selected “2021 and newer”.

Addressing your immediate issue (and not good practice modelling)…

If you want to create an opening - from roof slope to ceiling - then you would need to delete the roof window geometry creating a hole in the face that is the roof and then draw vertical lines down to the ceiling face.

This will define the four points of a rectangle - draw the rectangle and delete the rectangle face - now you have your hole through the roof to the ceiling.

But you might want to restart properly.

So, draw you walls first and group, ceiling and group, roof and group, and so on…

I’ve seen this a few times with shared files coming from users of Free. It would appear that the web release is currently ahead of the desktop, in file type at least. As you say, this could mean a desktop release is on the way, we’re unlikely to get confirmation of course.

See this thread:

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Click in sequence on the scenes tabs of this SU files for ideas.

Roof window.skp (417.5 KB)

I purged your file and its size went from around 10 Megs to less than 370 K.