Another intersect problem

I have a simple storage rack with shelves. I try and intersect the side with the shelves and some shelves interest and others do not. My goal is the create ¼ inch deep dado’s for machining. I have tried everything I can think of with varying results. Sometimes only part of the shelves will intersect, try it again and it intersects but others do not. Sanding spindle rack v7.skp (129.4 KB)

I think you are suffering from a known bug, whereby if new edges meet the perimeter of a face they do not auto-intersect properly.
However, I think in your case you wouldn’t really want the rebates for the shelves to meet the side or bottom edge exactly anyway - making it in reality would result in a tear out at these edges…
So I moved the shelves inwards and upwards by 1/4" and it intersected just fine, then I remive the unwanted extar edges left by the parts of the shelf assemblie, then it PushPulls by 1/4" to make the rebates that will house the ends of the shelves…

@TIG is right about the tear out concerns. But if you are really determined that those shelves should meet the edges of the side, you could temporarily pushpull the side a known amount larger along the front and bottom, do the intersect, and then pushpull back to the original size.

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