Animation on consequence (DC)

Hi! im giving my first steps in OnClick animations with dynamic components, and the animation im trying to make its something like this:

Object A, moves forward and changes position (x, y and z) and in consequence, Object B takes the place of Object A.

Is this possible?
To add a new layer of difficulty to all this context, i want to use this on a Virtual reality device haha, i know i can move DCs in VR sketch using the meta quest 2, but i have neved made an animation this complex

OnClick can set the state of a variable and the location of components can be set based on that variable. This should work pretty well!

but the thing is, how i make that an action on COMPONENT A makes an effect on COMPONENT b?

What is the relationship between A and B
Are they brothers? Parent and child,
Natively you can obtain value from : parent, brother or child

B move at the same time of A withe same direction and length?
If yes put B on A
If B move only when A arrive to the same place
Put A and B in a super component, create an attribute « animate_value on it

A On click attribute on A that animate the animate_value
Set the formula on x for A
X= if(parent!animate_value<50, parent!animate_value,50)
And for B
X =if(paren!animate_value<50,50,parent!animate_value)

A and B are brothers, i guess, i struggle a bit to understand this.

To be more graphic, the situation is this : A and B are lets say cans of coca cola. on a slide shelf with pendence, when i took away A, B per “gravity” takes A place. As in this very humble design xD
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I animated A as a sequence of movements. But i dont know how to connnect all this to B.

Make the location of both Component A and Component B dependent on a user defined attribute. Use IF statements to set the location based on that attribute (for example, set locX to 'IF UserAttribute=1, 10,20, then have UserAttribute change from 0 to 1 with OnClick).

Do you want something like that ?

Version with better rendering and only one subcomponent with copy. Bobbin rotation, pivoting retaining flap


THATS IT! Thank you so much im going to try it and let you know!

Attribute of the number of cans,


Challenge with option auto reload or not !



Hello, Do you try? do you have success or need the solution ?

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I tried to replicate your example and it worked! Unfortunately when applying it to mine they asked me to move on to another task so I will return to it in the future, thank you!