Compound Dynamic Components

is it possible to animate multiple dynamic components with different functions with one click. for example, i want to move a block A on the x axis and rotate a block B at the same time with the same click.

This may be possible with an animation plugin, possibly Keyframe Animation or Proper Animation.

You can not animate unrelated components. But if you put the 2 components together in a single component, then it can be done. See image.

(I guess as Jim says) On Click on a parent component, inside are several components that have their own DC functionality. The animations are on the same line, linked with the semicolon :

To give you an idea, see:

  • in SketchUp in ‘Get Models…’ search for tags (put together with ;) Wo3Dan; DC; multiple gives 2 examples

Another example where two (different) motions may run at the same time if you click on the other DC-object within the time one DC is running:

    • in SketchUp in ‘Get Models…’ search for tags (put together with ;) Wo3Dan; DC; curve gives examples

The problem is that both of them are animating by the same value of m. I want it to be different. For example the block should rotate by 30, n the cylinder should travel by 100. Is this possible?

I just figured it out myself. Thanks jim and wod3.

Jim, What is “Parent” or what is it referring to?

Dynamic components usually have several nested components inside them. In this context the actual dynamic component is the “parent” and the componets inside it are the “children”. All the parameters that the user of the component is supposed to interact with must be created into this “parent”, and then, the parameters in the “children” are set to follow them.

Plus… “parent” can be used as a generic term instead of the actual name of the parent, this is useful for when you want to create sub components that you wish to swap or use in another component model.

for example…component1!lenz canbe replaced with parent!lenz

I looked for a parameter called parent but could not find it. Makes me wonder what else am I missing. Most of the training on DC’s is basic, but I would like to see some more advanced methods and concepts. I have seen some DC’s that have great features, but it is not so easy to dissect and incorporate. I would love to see a book devoted to creating DC or a series of videos that go beyond basic. I would like to see how to maximize the power of DC’s. Any suggestions?

there isn’t one, the term parent can replace or be used instead of the parent component name.

I do believe there is a definite push to upgrade the help. Plus I believe that there could be improvements to DCs in the pipe line from various hints in the forum. But there is no official commitment.

I am waiting for the next release before committing myself to the path of fully adopting DCs and sketchup into my workflow, so its still a hobby for me.