Animate Pocket Door - rotate and slide like HAWA Concepta

Anyone know how I can animate a HAWA Concepta style pocket door? Basically it needs to rotate 90 degrees and then slide in when clicked.

Model attached and I can animate the rotation (RotZ) and position, but I just cannot get my head around combining the two motions. Bar Unit.skp (64.3 KB)

This is a clue for you:


Check this post and model:

Managed to get the animations working and the doors close perfectly, but they just do not open correctly. Any ideas? Bar Unit.skp (65.2 KB)

There was a minor error in the State attribute (90 instead of -90) I think it didn’t update correctly.
I (re)created the other door as well (when it comes to rotating and flipping, better use separate components instead)

Bar Unit revised.skp (161,0 KB)