Angle of 2 inclined corpses

In order to facilitate the collection of bees for making a new bee colony I wanted to design a rectangular funnel, fixing 4 inclined surfaces together.
When constructing the funnel I noticed that the angle between the 4 parts, that is 90 degrees in Sketchup, may only be more or less 70 degrees, which may only be due to the inclination
I went back to the Sketchup design and the angle remains still 90 degrees!
What more is, not all surfaces are filled and I don’t understand why.
Here attached the file.
Kind regards Alooha
2 sides of a rectangular funnel.skp (37.7 KB)

the cuts are not in the same plane, a better approach, make a solid cube , scale the top then offset the sides, add the miters, make one side a component, delete rest and copy rotate this

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Hi @pcmoor / Philip, the video isn’t public, unfortunately.

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is it working now

though private the link should be working now

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Thanks you, now after reloading it seems to work. Lets see what great solution you came up with. Have a great Day.


Meanwhile I had discovered by myself that there is a problem with the geometry, but I was not able to correct it (to fill the pane).
Your method is much more clever.
But my main problem remains: in Sketchup the angle between the sides is 90 degrees (or 2 times 45 as in your construction), but in reality not, and I don’t understand why.

I’ll try to take a picture of to sides cut at 90 degrees.


You could try the follow me tool.

This strikes me as a question about compound angle joinery, that is, where two sloping parts meet. Seen flat from above, the corner is 90 degrees and the bevel on each part is 45 degrees. But seen from the sloping faces, the angles are different. Do a search online about compound angles and you can find the raw math, tables of common angles, and constructive methods to create the angles without the math.

Ok, I’ll follow your council.
I have taken 2 pictures:

bzzzing @Cotty

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? what do you mean?

Mike is calling to cotty to look in on this topic. The @ symbol in front of a persons user name sends a notification to that user that directs him to the thread.

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See this recent post.

I have installed that plugin, but it is unsigned and doesn’t appear under Extensions.

I have succeeded in designing the panes correctly now.
But the angle of 90 degrees from the bottom to the top doesn’t correspond to the reality!
Rectangular funnel.skp (39.3 KB)

If Mr. Bremner’s plugin wasn’t safe to use it wouldn’t be available at SketchUcation.
Extensions Loading Policy — SketchUp Help

The plugin doesn’t appear in the Extensions menu.
It appears in the context menu of an Edge.

Angle Between Planes

It doesn’t exist in the context menu either!

A birdseye section (parallel with ground) will be 90 degs, the miters 45 degs. I believe you are confusing it with a situation where the board has edges at 90 degs to their face, not beveled as you drawn.
When you cut the board with a power or radial arm saw you would set the angle at 45 degs and follow the “hip plumb cut” regardless of the pitch. If the board was square at the edge it would have an angle sharper than 45 degs only when measured on this squared edge.

Thank you for your assistance, but my technical english (merely to express myself; I was looking for a french forum only found one with 0 messages) and my knowledge in geometry are not good enough.
I will realize the construction by doing it directly and approaching the correct angle until I find the approximately correct angle.
Nice regards