AMD Radeon™ R7 M360

Has anyone experiences with AMD Radeon™ R7 M360 Grafik (e.g. in the ThinkPad E460)? Thanks in advance! Alex

Videocard benchmark lists it in the middle of the “Mid High End” video card ratings.

Radeon R7 M360 info from:

Description: Bus Interface: PCIe 3.0 x16, Max Memory Size: 4096 MB, Memory Clock(s): 1000 MHz, Graphics API Support: DirectX 12.0 OpenGL 4.3

Videocard Category: Mobile

Other names: AMD Radeon ™ R7 M360, AMD Radeon R7 M360, AMD Radeon™ R7 M360

Videocard First Benchmarked: 2015-09-11

Average G3D Mark: 651
Overall Rank: 481

Besides memory (4GB), the most important spec for SketchUp is it’s OpenGL support version. So it looks like it’d support SketchUp for quite awhile yet.

claiming OpenGL support is not sufficient, i.e. doesn’t ensure that a mature and fully comaptible OpenGL stack is provided by the driver… which is a common complaint concerning Radeon drivers here (recent Crimson driver, SU x64 version etc.).

What do you exactly mean by not sufficient? What may happens if the openGL-sock isn´t complete compatible? Do you think it wold be better to go with a Intel-based-grafik, like zhe Intel HD 5200. I would also go for the NVidia-grafik, but i recieve a discount for the lenovo thinkpad series by my university and there is not such a grafik in the setup.

OpenGL is the name for a specific set of function calls - ~300. Not all manufacturers include all of them in their drivers. And lately some AMD drivers have been deficient in this area.

NVidia have more reliable drivers.

The Intel offering is an integrated graphic chip on the motherboard. OpenGL offering for this tends to be deficient. And because it’s not a dedicated graphic card with its own specialized RAM, the Intel chip must share the MB RAM with the CPU.

Well, using sketchup is only a hobby, im not using it occupational and it would not be that worse if there is a small bug sometimes. So realy my problem is, that i can not astimate how worse it might be if there are not all of the openGLpeaces included in the driver. Maybe you can tell my what kind of problems may accure if so.

It’s not little “bugs”. Things that call upon some OpenGL function that is not present will not work. Some AMD users cannot save files when hardware acceleration is enabled. With others the program does not load and it can cause bugsplats. If the driver fails to provide the functions required by SU, users will need to work without hardware acceleration enabled.

The RealTech OpenGL Extensions Viewer has access to a database of GPUs and what OpenGL features they support. (Actually, there is a choice of 2 online databases.)
(Mac edition go to the Mac App Store.)

However regarding SketchUp, the SketchUp developement team would need to publish a list of all the features (functions) that SketchUp depends upon in the OpenGL library. Without knowing this “inside information”, there is no way to make an exact decision.

Allright, thanks! I think I´ll give it a try.

good luck

Hey Guys, after a few days of working with sketchup i´m glad to say that it works really great till now! I haven´t had Problems whatsoever! By the way i´m running it with Windows 10. Thanks for your support!

Now, what are you able to do with your AMD card. AMD’s OpenGL driver support has been a bit iffy.

Laptops use integrated graphics to save power. Under your Radeon control panel, you can specify which graphics adapter you use for individual programs. Are you able to choose SketchUp in the control panel and set your AMD card as the preferred video adapter under the 3D settings?

In SU, under Window > Preferences > OpenGL, is hardware acceleration enabled?

Did you install the 64-bit or 32-bit version of SU (using the 32-bit version of SU has bypassed some bugs in the AMD driver on some machines)?

I´m not sure how I can find if I use SU in the control panel. Maybe you can tell me.

Hardware acceleration is enabled.

I think i´m using the 64-bit version.

Help > About SketchUp…

The dialog will tell you. There is a different version number for 32-bit and 64-bit builds.

Go to Components aren’t cooperating to see if you recognize the Radeon control panel interface menu pages. But so far, everything sound great. Just need to make you are able to take advantage of your graphics card RAM for OpenGL processing. The graphics card RAM can be up to 3000x faster than the MB RAM for the same tasks. When the SU models are small and simple that may not be noticeable, but as you progress, it’s nice to have the extra processing power.

I still couldn´t find the specifications of the grafic adapter in the System Control of Windows. Sorry. Maybe someone can tell me what it´s called in german.

It’s not a part of Windows. It’s the software that controls your video card. Try r-clicking on a blank space on your desktop. One of the menu options should be something like AMD Radeon Settings, or Catalyst (the older name for the video card control panel.

I can only see the Settings for the Intel grafic.

Check your device manager: Start > Control Panel > System and Security > System > Device Manager. Under Device Manager, open Display Adapters. Is your AMD card listed?

Yes, it is. I have seen that before but I can´t see the graphic adapter which is used for su.